During creation of software on demand we are doing our best to satisfy all customer needs and also to keep all current IT and security rules. There are two import areas of software development on demand:

Brand new application development

  • In this case we need perfect analyses provided by customer or we are making our own analysis.
  • We recommend to customer best environment, which fits to requested solution.
  • Development is done in predefined amount of steps, which are discussed with customer base on regular meetings or teleconferencies.
  • Beta version as well as final version are very well tested from our side and finally also from customer's side.
  • Final solution is guaranteed and as soon as possible covered by maintenance contract.
  • Maintenance is guaranteed in scale and response time according to customer's need.

Migration of already existing solution to new environment

  • Very often happens that existing solution is necessary to migrate to new solution because the current one does not fit to customer's needs.
  • There also happens that very skilled employees are creating an application in MS Access or MS Excel Visual Basic for Applications for their department and it is requested to migrate this solution to common platform better managed by IT department.
  • In these cases there is easier situation with analysis because there is necessary just to analyse existing solution.
  • Solution development itself is realised the same way as described in case of brand new application development.

We will extent description of solutions development in near future a lot to describe processes during application development and share our solutions examples.